Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yesterday saturday the 20th

Something went horribly wrong with my actually writing on this very blog. I stopped! I know what the heck....

Anyways. Yesterday I got in my 4 miles. I ran/walked them. I did a half mile walk with my 3 yo to her dance class and then ran back with the dog. That was a helpful way to get the rest of my miles in.

Eating wise yesterday. Well I have stuck to my lent resolution and have been eating yogurt but it does have the icky sugar substitute so I am going to have to buy some regular yogurt. And add fruit to it on my own. I want to relearn to like plain yogurt and its tanginess.

I need to portion out protein so that I can get some after exercise without going overboard. I think I need to recommit to vegetables. My friend gets them cuts them up and makes them more available as snack. Somehow I got away from that and I need to travel back to it.

Okay enough for now.

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