Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

So yesterday no exercise happened.  I was supposed to run 4 miles and do ea active more. It just wasn't in the cards. Krismon had a dental appt at 7am so I took the kids to school. Then it was Harry's nap time. I know it is a cop out but I didn't want to get sweaty and try to get a shower done and hair dried before taking Harry to a university study. Yes I probably could have done it all but I just didn't. After he failed the study, more like I failed him. I didn't feed him enough for breakfast so he was antsy and just wasn't able to complete the sequence. We got home and I fed him. Then we turned back around and got Maggie from school. So then we ate lunch and the kids napped. What did I do? I got dinner ready. We picked up Max. And then Maggie had violin class at 4:30. Dinner ready by 5:30 and then Max  went around 6pm to class. Once I got Harry and Maggie down for the night, I just was kaput. I crawled into bed and stayed there.

Today I got up and got breakfast and a cup of coffee with cream. Yogurt with go lean crunch. Then Juno and I did over 3 miles but the darn nike+ only registered 2.81 because I did it by walk vs run so when I started running it returned to 0. argh. Oh well I guess at least I know I did it.

I ate cheerios with milk. Another coffee with cream. I had water with gatorade right after the run. Lunch was my kitchen sink frittata and now an apple.

Dinner was vietnamese food. It is healthy and was good. I did over a mile so that I could hit 4 miles yesterday. I was still full so I ended up walking instead of running. It was hard to want to run.

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