Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 3 dum dum dumb

2 cups of coffee with cream
2 raisin toasts with butter spread

30 day shred day 3 it is getting easier but my back is a bit sore. I think I need to stretch more to get to stop hurting. Will probably do some wii fit or ea active to get some more groove on. Or just dance.

sm slice pepperoni pizza
some fruit
more water

rest of the chix pot pie
skinny cow ice cream sandwich
decaf coffee with cream


hmm see now I don't completely remember.
dinner was pasta primavera with salmon in marinara sauce
and skinny cow ice cream sandwich

and I did some wii fit exercises and a few crunches at bedtime

know this the ice cream and desserts will go the way of the caveman soon. I will probably keep the yogurt delights in my diet but we shall see.

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