Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday and Monday

Well I was tired yesterday and I just didn't get the miles in. Hopefully today I can get both my active workout in and run the 4 miles. Though I am just not sure if that will happen.

Yesterday we did at least try and eat better. I felt like I cheated by eating blueberry muffin. The muffins were like cake. I didn't eat the whole of either but it seems like a slippery slope and I drank the strawberry lemonade. Another slippery slope. I guess if it isn't straight coffee and cream or alcohol, it will have to be water.

So breaky today was cheerios with banana and coffee with cream
I ran two miles with Juno in 24 minutes.
Drinking cytomax ate half a chicken souvaki (sp?)

I need to run another 2 miles.

I did it. I didn't run another two miles but I did the more workout which was 30 minutes. And Harry let me. He was good to me.

I burned like 320 calories! Yeah!
We had chili for dinner with guac and corn chips.
And I am done for the day.

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