Thursday, February 11, 2010

day off

Not sure if I really really hurt myself or if I am just tired but I still have a headache and my body hurts. So today I will be taking ibuprofin and I may even take a bath with salts to see if that gets rid of some aches and pains. Kind of sucks since Krismon and I brought the treadmill down from upstairs and  I could put a few miles on it today.

Today I have had almost two cups of coffee with cream. Two pieces of toast with pb and j. So I think now is the day to just try and recover and let my muscles rest a bit.

so it was mac and cheese with tomato soup over it and water and more ice cream and more ice cream and chocolate candy

and decaf coffee. ugh what am I doing to myself today and yesterday and the day before.

ate 2 helpings japanese curry with chicken, red pepper, potatoes, carrots and onions.

I did it. I walked a mile.

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