Monday, February 8, 2010

oops actual day 6

And a day when I need to start getting miles in.

This morning was chex with banana and blueberries with 2 cups of coffee with cream.

And kids driving me crazy. hmm and physical this morning and having it the day after a superbowl party. that's going to help my self esteem lots and lots....

Physical went well. Now I just need to get my cholesterol checked.

I feel like I have mowed my way through the morning. I had a croisant and half caf vanilla latte. then my choc. candy a couple of pretzels filled with peanut butter. an apple a hard boiled egg. And of course water. I am thinking of walking to pick Maggie up from ballet. So hold me to it.

Okay well there was a change of plans since we picked Krismon up from work after Maggie's ballet so no walking. We had an early dinner of vietnamese food. yummy. I love their noodle dishes with grilled pork. It was tasty and fairly healthy,.
Then I did the ea active more workout which burned off the ice cream sandwich that I ate.... yeah I know.

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