Friday, March 5, 2010

My bummer of a week

I won't lie it has been a tough week or so. And I have probably totally used it as an excuse not to exercise or run since Monday. I don't want to totally derail myself over and over again. I am really hoping that I am not self sabotaging.

Whenever sleep gets off track then my whole energy shifts. I lose the desire to do much of anything outside of sit in front of the computer and tv. It's not what I want but it is what I do. Habits they are hard to kill and seem to be even harder to change and make.

The kids have been sick for weeks it seems. First Max and Harry then Max then Max and Maggie then Maggie and Harry. Maggie and Harry are not enjoying their antibiotics. I am hoping that Harry's fever will finally break so that we can have one worry down. I really try not to let all the flus worry me but it is hard not to have some of that fear seep in. I need to let it go. And I need to just publish this.

 I am hoping that tomorrow will be a good running morning before I take Maggie to dance.

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