Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 miles today

So it was actually 5 miles on Sunday not 4. I think I wrote 4 but it was 5. I was supposed to do 4 then and 5 today so I just reversed it. I thought I would get out for another mile today but it didn't happen. I think today was my down day. I just needed to sit for a bit today and not do an over amount of stuff.  But I didn't stretch well so I have to start doing that if I don't want my legs to kill me.

It bugs that I feel like I need to pee after like a half mile til the end. And it is starting to warm up which I am also not looking forward to. See when half the country isn't wanting to run because of the cold, I would rather be running here since it isn't that cold. But I am fearful of how I will do once the heat of summer hits. Ah well.

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