Saturday, March 6, 2010

I did 5 miles!

Yes I did it. It was aggravating and annoying to have to pull on the dog but I did it. I ran the wrong way instead of having the dog run on the street side I had him run on the inside. That meant every little smell attracted his attention. ugh... I ran pretty fast but definitely not fast enough to keep Juno running at a pace that would keep his nose off the ground and bushes. It was great though to keep going and to feel that sense of accomplishment. Now tomorrow I will just need to do a short run to stretch my legs and work out the muscles.

I will say that it looks like my lent giver upper of sugar derivatives and most sugar things has been helpful. I have lost a few pounds and I am hoping to lose a few more before Easter. I think though I really will try to keep those fake sugars out of my diet and the kids diet as much as possible.

The day started with some raisin bran and milk and coffee with cream.
Then running
some gatorade in water two big bottles.
starving starving starving
more water with pb pretzels
sub sandwich from port o subs... yummy
pork and potatoes with rice
grapes and cantalope
a glass of wine

That's the day....

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