Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A new idea

So with the kids addiction to tv I thought I would figure out how to make it a reward so they can appreciate it a little better.

This morning we walked Juno for 40 minutes so that was the amount of tv time they got today.  They walked 2 miles. And then after dinner, Maggie and I took Juno for another walk and did over 1 mile. She is really turning into my walking partner. It didn't hurt that she had a ring pop. She was happily walking with blue lips, blue tongue and blue face surrounding her mouth. It definitely gave her the energy to go the distance! lol and then some.

So today was 3.34 miles.

Dinner was a happy meal, Harry had 3 helpings before he started to try and pull him bib off.

Whole wheat rigatoni, spinach, garlic, cottage cheese, herb cheese spread (laughing cow) and marinara sauce. On top was pinwheels of mozzarella, procuitto and basil.  I baked it for 45 minutes at 375 since I had sitting out for a little while. The kids enjoyed and you couldn't tell it was whole wheat pasta both cheeses on the inside were lowfat, not sure about the mozzarella. Oh and I cut up costco meatballs to mix in with it as well. Max enjoyed it so much he wants it for lunch tomorrow. And  like I said Harry ate his, mine and then another scoop.

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