Saturday, April 17, 2010


So I think I need to work on an every other day strategy with walks in between. Today I was just not feeling it for a run so I grabbed Maggie and decided that we would do a walk and work on training Juno since I would like to take him more places. So Maggie has been wanting to go farther but not necessarily further. We walked about a mile in a few blocks and then turned onto a busy street. And then back down another quiet street. All in all we walked 2.25 miles. I think that is pretty fantastic for an almost 4 yo. I am hoping to make her my walking partner on those days opposite the runs. Juno truly needs the walks where I can wield more control over his leash then when I am running.  I had thought Max and I would be getting out there together but that isn't what has happened. I have enjoyed the walks with Maggie.

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